Witch’s Tea


The Witches and Wizard

Yesterday was my favorite day of the year.  I can’t even believe how lucky we got.

Every year I host a Witch’s Tea sometime in October.  It is the one big event I host all year, and I honestly plan for it year round.  And this past week I pretty much only did Tea Prep… (I know, I know, working is important too… but this is more fun!)  I dragged the furniture out of my living room, set up a long banquet table and had it all set be the evening before the event.

Here in Ohio, the winters are cold.  And long.  October is not usually a month to eat outdoors, so naturally I planned to eat inside. But magically when I stepped outside yesterday morning I was greeted with a 70 degree, perfect autumn day.  I could hardly believe it.  Doug thought I was crazy, but there was no doubt in my mind.  We had to eat under the trees!  So I unset the table, broke it down and carried it back into the forest behind my house.  Best idea ever.  The day was so magical, it will inspire me until we do it again next October.



The invites. (I worked a few years designing custom wedding invites, so invitations are kind of a big deal for me)



Could anything be more magical? I think my favorite part was the star garland in the trees.



Every year I ask this adorable wizard if he wants to come, or if he’d rather go do a boy’s night out with Doug during tea. He always picks coming to Witch’s Tea. He knows how to tug at my heart strings!


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  1. I love to see the pictures! It looks so fun! Glad to see you are doing well.

  2. I just found your blog, I love this post! What a super idea and you all looked magically beautiful! Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Looks like a fabulous time.

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