When I was in middle school I used to watch my sister do her Graphic Design and all I wanted was to do the same thing, but in three dimensions. I dreamed of being an Industrial Designer. (I know, I know, no one’s ever heard of those- they’re the ones who design furniture, cars or really anything three dimensional. Don’t ask me how I knew that when I was in 6th grade…) I worked on my art skills, kept my grades up and by college was admitted into a highly competitive design program. Then, three semesters away from graduation, I was diagnosed with POTS– a chronic condition that affects my heart and leaves me extremely fatigued. Every day. Bummer.

But when life gives you lemons… you try desperately to make something delicious with them. Right?! I finished school and searched for something I could do with the health I have. So here I am, working from bed (I’m way too tired for a desk!), meshing my design skills with my love of sewing to create some beautiful patterns. It might not have been what I dreamed of when I was 12, but I have to admit- it’s a whole lot more fun.

Take that lemons!

Sewing in bed

This is my awesome ‘Sewing Machine in Bed’ hack. Isn’t it awesome?! My sis says I’m an Ultimate Crafter- nothing can stop me! After I set this baby up, I started thinking she was right… 🙂

PS- I wrote out my whole ‘sick’ story here in case you want to check it out.