One More Week

Just one more week until our Hopeful Hatchlings eBook is released!  I’m so excited.

It’s been an eventful few weeks over here.  I am putting on the final touches to the book, of course.  But there have been some unexpected complications that have made life especially interesting.  Like when our entire website went down for 3 days… (ugh!) or how I got a huge POTS flair out of no where and was in bed for the better part of the week last week.  We are laughing our way through everything though, and are happy to still be on schedule despite our bad luck.

On a happy note, I’ve been sharing some of the videos that I’ve been making to promote the book, which is especially fun for me.  They are SO fun to make!  I may never stop.  🙂

Here is my favorite one so far.  Still makes me smile every time.


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