How to Bind a Quilt

I don’t know about you, but I am always forgetting the details of thing- even if I’m doing them all the time!  It’s actually kind of embarrassing.  Like, all the time.

Anyway, one thing that I’m constantly looking up is how to bind a quilt.  I always forget how exactly to fold the corners to make them mitered, and how exactly to start the edge so it looks pretty.  So today I finally gave in and made myself a little cheat sheet- no more scouring Youtube to find a good tutorial (and then sitting there while they chat away before they even get to the process!).  Now I just have to pull up my sheet and there it is!  Hope it makes things a bit easier for you too.

2 Responses to “How to Bind a Quilt”

  1. Thanks for this. I really needed the visual. It’s annoying watching videos while the instructor is chatting away.

  2. Rosanna Cartwright November 19, 2016 at 10:27 am Reply

    So grateful for this! I was trying to make a printout for a class my quilt group is teaching, and here you are, saving my bacon! Thanks for a one page printout!


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