Free 5 1/2 Inch Square Quilting Ruler Printable

5.5 inch quilting ruler printable

Another month brings a new block of the month assignment!  Which, of course, means I’ve spent the morning making my own printable quilting ruler so I wouldn’t have to buy the one required for this month’s blocks.  This month we were cutting down a circle into an octagon using a 5 1/2″ ruler- a perfect job for a paper substitute if you ask me!

Click here to download your own five and a half inch square quilting ruler.  To use it, just print it off on your home computer and trim off the white edges of the paper (shown above).  I then used the paper ruler as a guide to see where I needed to cut.  Once I had the placement right, I lined up my real quilting ruler along the edge that needed cutting to give myself an edge to follow and went to work (shown below).

Of course there will be projects where getting the real deal will be a lot more helpful than using a paper version of this ruler, so it’s not a complete replacement.  But if you have a project like mine where you’d use the ruler for 10 blocks out of a huge quilt, I think you’ll find it’s an easy way to save a little money!


quilting ruler download

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  1. New to quilting and i think this will be a great help. Thank you so much.


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