CFS Awareness: Free Pattern!

Pill Case Pattern Free

I had to get a least one pattern in here somewhere 🙂

Now, I admit that not every CFS patient wants a cute little pill case to throw in his/her purse.  But when you look at the facts you’ll see that most CFS patients are women.  A lot of middle aged women.  That means there are really quite a few of us who would appreciate happy fabrics sewn into a thoughtful gift!

So, if you need an excuse to check up on a sick friend, I’ve got one for you!  Make up one of these cute little pill cases (the link to the free pattern is below).  The big one holds 3 bottles of pills, the small one holds one.  If your friend is chronically ill, chances are she’ll need the bigger one.  (I know I sure do).

Want to do a little more?  Sew the larger case and stick a gift card inside- it’s the perfect size to hold one.  Two gifts in one!  If you need gift card ideas, check out our post entitled, ‘40 Ways to Help Someone with a Chronic Illness‘.

Click Here to download the free pattern.


4 Responses to “CFS Awareness: Free Pattern!”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I’m having a little trouble with the pill case. I could really use a few of these. (I have major disc disease in my cervical spine and have to take lots of medications.) I know it’s not fun to have to stay in bed; and I can only sew for a couple of hours at a time. Little projects like this help keep my mind off the pain. 🙂
    My questions about the pill case: (I’m making the large one…and I’m probably overthinking it, but I’m a beginner. LOL)
    In Step 1a and 1b ~ You only sew the Velcro on ONE piece of the inside and ONE piece of the outside fabrics, correct?
    In Step 2, it says “Stitch small pieces together.” You do mean to stitch the case front and then stitch the outside fabric together as directed, correct? (Not just the outside, which is smaller…)
    In Step 3, I don’t understand what to do with the interfacing. It doesn’t say. 🙁 And at this point, I’m wondering why you cut two of the front and two of the back if you’re using interfacing. I’m so lost! I’ve cut everything out, but will wait to hear from you before I really mess it up. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Kathie,

      I’m so glad to hear of someone using this! Hopefully I can get some of your questions answered.

      Step 1a and 1b: You’re correct- just one piece of inside and one of outside.
      Step 2: You’ll take your 2 pieces (1 from inside fabric, 1 from outside fabric) cut from the ‘Case Front’ pattern piece and sew them, like sides together, along the top edge (the edge next to where the velcro was sewn)
      Step 3: I’m glad you caught that- I did forget to add the interfacing on there! It’s not necessary, I just like to add it to give my case a little extra weight. It makes it feel more like a professionally sewn item, and helps it wash up better. If you’re using an iron on interfacing, you can iron it onto the back of your pieces and then just proceed as normal with the instructions. I cut two of each pattern piece so that both the front and back have something ironed onto the back.

      If you are using sew-in interfacing (I just realized I never specified which kind either!) you’ll just need to cut out one piece. I’d pin it to the back of my inside pieces and then just sew through the pattern instructions as normal, keeping the interfacing on the back side of the inside pieces as you sew so that when you turn your pieces, the interfacing is sandwiched between the inside and outside fabrics. Does that make sense?

      Sorry about that! I’m going to go fix those instructions right now 🙂

  2. alison Davies July 8, 2014 at 11:14 pm Reply

    Hi Jessica, you’re so inspiring. I am in my mid 50’s (aghhhhhhhhhh) and have arthritis which was diagnosed 22 years ago. I have days when I’m in so much pain I can’t do anything and days when I feel like a different person. You have not let your illness get you down and have found light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for the free patterns and I will be making a case for my medication.

    • Alison- it is so good to hear from you! 22 years of pain seems almost unimaginable to me, I’m sure you have some amazing stories of rising above your illness as well. I’m glad you found the free patterns- hope it gives you something to look forward to on the bad days!


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