The Best Holiday Neighbor Gift {Free Printable}

Every year I get myself too far into Christmas plans.  It’s hard not to!  There are so many things to go to- family parties and work parties and church parties- and so many things I feel obligated to do.  All of our neighbors hand out  neighbor gifts and it makes me feel like I’d be the Scrooge of the block if I didn’t do it too.  So every year we decide on something simple and affordable to make and we spend one whole night making and packaging the treat and another whole night delivering them.  And every year I think- why am I spending an entire weekend on this!?

So last year I got smart.  I went to Target after Christmas when all of their wrapping paper was 75% off (they were the really fun ones too, with glitter and flocking and such!) and I bought a whole neighborhood’s worth and stuck them in the attic.  This year all we had to do was pull them out, tie on a gift tag and deliver them.  It cut the whole process down to just a couple hours. And I think we got the most positive response we’ve ever gotten for our neighbor gifts.  I’m never slaving away in the kitchen again!

When I designed our gift tags (which read- ‘Hope you’re all wrapped up in the Spirit of the Season!’)  I made them up in Word, so you can go and type in your own name.   I’ve seen wrapping paper on 50% off at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s (and probably lots of other craft stores) as a pre-Christmas deal so you could still get a good deal even if you weren’t crazy like me and bought everything a year in advance. 🙂

To make the tags, click here to download the Word File.  When you have it, open it on your computer, click on the name at the bottom of each tag (where it says -The Stewarts) and type in your own name.  Then print, cut and tie to your gift wrap.

Hope this gifts you a few extra hours to spend with the people you love this Christmas!

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